Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 20: Outlets.

So I had a pretty decent day today. I woke up pretty early, thanks to my sis, actually went for a run like I've been meaning to, worked out (gotta keep up with these ladies), and finally made it to a local Animal Shelter to volunteer. This won't turn into a weight loss thing or a PSA monster, I promise. I'm just sharing my achievements. There are so many animals there that need to be adopted. The dogs were great. They're all really sweet and so friendly. The cats were pretty awesome too. Sadly, there are over 50 in that one shelter and I'd say about 30 of them are kittens. The poor babies just need homes so badly.

The shelter needs more volunteers, badly. The average age of the employees is, if I remember correctly, in the sixties. So I'm hoping to gather some more people to go with me.

On top of that, this shelter isn't included in any spay/neuter programs.  They don't have the money to start one, and they can't get the grant money for it until they do. Vicious cycle. So... more plans in the works. For the shelter, AND for work. Challenge. Accepted.

So I suppose, for now, I've finally found my outlets for stress and what not. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. I get to make a difference, and simultaneously prevent the unnecessary, premature demise of a particular resident d-bag - one day at a time. ~.^


P.S. If you are interested in adopting from a shelter, which I highly suggest, be sure to seek out your local shelter. A vast majority of animals that end up in shelters are euthanized, often before they've had a genuine chance of life. There are multiple sites dedicated to helping our furry companions find loving homes. I happen to be a fan of and

Also, please remember to spay and neuter your animals. That, in itself, solves a lot of problems.

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