Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 46: Court

Went to court today to get the restraining order against R finalized. Sadly, his lawyer never showed up, so we literally spent all day in court, to no avail. We have to go back next Wednesday... for the same thing. Friggin' yay. The only bright point was that the judge ordered for R to bring Boogie by this Saturday. So, for the first time in almost two weeks, I'll finally get to see him. I suppose I should be grateful for the small blessing. Still...

It's definitely one of those days that I wish I were already twenty one. I could totally go for a shot of.... something.


I find myself further and further indebted to Monkey these days. He's been such a relief to me lately. No matter how deep a funk I get into, he always manages to pull me out of it, somehow. Last night, for example, I was pretty bad off, and he had me laughing in less than ten minutes. I've yet to figure out how he manages it.

On the other side of things.... I was headed home from work Sunday night (technically Monday morning, since it was freaking one in the morning) and it decided to finally die on me... a mile from town. The fuel pump went out, I think; but I'm not sure. It overheated and the battery died, for sure. So, of course, I replaced the battery. Lot of good it did, considering the fact that the battery didn't help (because of aforementioned fuel pump) and before I could get someone to help me tow it home, it was stolen. Or towed by the city. I'm still not sure of which. I have to call around - again - to see if there's any chance that it wasn't processed when I called the other day. I'm not even so upset about losing the car as I am about losing Boogie's car seat.

I seriously wish I knew where my Oracle was.  I could definitely use some advice right now...

Seriously. Can I not just have one thing go right?

Thanks go to Cher for helping me remember to take it one day at a time.

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