Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 54: Hell Hath No Fury

So I knew R was a dirty, filthy, back-stabbing, lying scumbag, but he's gone to a new low. Got the paperwork from his lawyer yesterday, and it's nothing but a pack of lies. He says we were together until almost September of this year. Which, as everyone knows, is completely ridiculous. His own family could testify to that. He also cites "adultery" as one of the reasons for the divorce. I'm not even going to waste my breath on that one. I've said it before.

I don't know what it is that he's thinking, but as I've told him a hundred times over: I don't want anything from him. Not his money (in either child support or alimony), not the stupid car, NO-THING. The only thing I want out of this divorce is joint custody of Boogie. I don't know what part of that is posing such a complication for his understanding; but it's really starting to piss me off. If his lawyer (and I know it's weird to say this) hadn't seemed like such a .... sensible man, yesterday, I'd be half tempted to send back the papers with a great, big, FUCK YOU written across the front, and corrections made throughout them. 


On a side note, I'm going to take a leaf out of Kat o' Nine Tales and do this 30 Posts thing. Figure it will give me a definite reason to be on more often. I've been a little negligent. So here's the list in it's entirety, and I guess we'll just go through every day and see what happens. I'll admit now, it's a little funnier to read her commentary, but considering the subject in this case (me! ... Oh dear god), I'm sure it'll still be rather ridonkulous. Yes, you read that right. My word. Get used to it.

  1. Declare your love for an uncool TV show.
  2. Look a fool. ~I should get a pay check for this.
  3. Eat. Whatever you feel like eating.  ~ I usually do anyway.
  4. Waste time. ~When don't I?
  5. Declare your love for an uncool movie. 
  6. Act “girly” or “manly” in a way you’d normally avoid. ~I'm with Kat on this one. I'm a "girly tomboy" so there isn't much I won't do.
  7. Share your efforts at something you don't think you do well. 
  8. Sweat.
  9. Expose something dirty or nasty you'd normally keep hidden.  ~Damn, and here I've already talked about my marriage.
  10. Declare your love for an uncool band. 
  11. Dress to show some skin. ~Now this I'm a natural at.
  12. Share about a health struggle.
  13. Speak up about something crap that was done to you. ~See previous marriage comment.
  14. Hold yourself accountable — not guilty — for something crappy you did to someone else.
  15. Dress, walk, and act like you know you’re all that. ~Time to break out the heels. And garter belt... hehehe
  16. Spend money on a non-essential or share a financial struggle.   ~I'm a waitress for a living. Life is a financial struggle.
  17. Discuss the reality of your work situation.
  18. Brag.
  19. Share details about a bodily function or fluid.
  20. Talk about sex. ~That would entail that I'm actually getting any. I sense a smut coming.
  21. Express a strong feeling ~Again, gotta agree with Kat. I'm Irish; and German; and was raised in a Latino/ Jewish community. It's hard to find me NOT having a strong feeling.
  22. Set a boundary.
  23. Air one of your secrets.
  24. Share a struggle you have yet to “just get over.”
  25. Ask for help.  ~This one might grain a little. I tend to avoid these at all costs.
  26. Make a mistake.  ~ I've mentioned my marriage, right?
  27. Express a dissenting opinion.
  28. Discuss a failure.
  29. Look a fool.
  30. Name 3 more ways you can live shamelessly and commit to doing them.
So now we just sit back and wait, I suppose; and I'll start on these tomorrow. Promise. Just another part of taking things One Day at a Time.

Song for the day: Jasmine Tabatabai - Let Yourself Go Wild


  1. The sensible lawyer will be around - throwing things at you even he knows are stupid - until all the money he expects to get out of this case has been handed over and there is nothing else in it for him. Wanna bet?

  2. I sincerely hope that isn't the case, Diandra; but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.