Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 69(giggle): Catch up/ Theme Day

This past week has been just this side of too interesting. Had court Wednesday morning for the Temporary Custody hearing. Went well, considering. I get to see Boogie more often, and R seems to finally have come to his senses. "Seems" being the key word there. He's having his lawyer draw up new, amended paperwork. Without the lies about adultery, etc. Like I told him last night, though. That paperwork better be in my hand by Tuesday, or I'll be going to the courts Wednesday morning to file my counterclaim and all the Discovery requests that would prove him guilty of perjury. I'm not giving him another chance to screw me over.

On top of that, I've been sick as a dog since yesterday afternoon. Was running a fever of - at its highest - 103.6 that friggin sucked. Luckily, it broke after a couple hours, though. So I'm still a little queasy, but it's tolerable. Hoping I'll be better in time for work this afternoon. I had to call in to Disney last night, and Leela's this morning. I'm considering just popping a Day-quil and crossing my fingers.

On the plus side, Monkey and I were joking the other day, and have come up with a name for my bookstore that I'm going to open one day. "Vixie's Parchments and Pastries" Bookstore / International Pastry shop. It's going to be awesome. My two favorite things in the world - combined! We're going to have brown, recycled boxes, and emerald ribbons to wrap around them for the people carrying out the pastries; and emerald recyclable bags with brown needle work with the store name on it to carry out the books. And we'll mix it up for the holidays so it's all coordinating colors (i.e. Christmas = red/green; Halloween = black/orange; etc). Needless to say, I'm a little excited.


As for theme day!!! Here's to Number 20 on my Shameless List. Talk about Sex. It's just a poem I wrote one day at work while I was bored; but I still love it. Hope you do too.


My body burns for yours,
My breath comes faster - shallower.
My breasts grow heavy,
My skin feels too tight.

I can feel myself moistening for you.
My thoughts are fragmented;
But they have one thing in common:
I want to throw you down, right here, and fuck you.

It's all I can do not to touch myself.
I wouldn't even care if anyone saw.
I want you here. now.
Take me. Fuck me. Make me beg.

I smile as I think of what you'd do.
The ways I'd ravage your body.
But then, I quietly sign the delivery sheet you've brought in,
And wave goodbye as you leave. Completely Oblivious.

Have a great weekend, my Darlings; and remember to take it One Day at a Time. 

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