Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 145: Acclimating

Alright kids. So, I promise - yet again - I'll try to make sure I'll be on more often for my updates. "Try" being the operative word, there.

So I'm still getting used to things here at the new place. I don't feel as awkward around everyone. I still feel like the odd duck out, though. They're all into hunting - or "harvesting" as Monkey insists is the term - and I'm definitely NOT. For example, right now - literally - they're watching some DVD about Bowfishing. Which really wouldn't bother me, normally if it were just fish, but they were just showing them getting Manta and Stingrays as well as a Snapping Turtle. It was horrible!! The poor Rays were trying so hard to get away, and the Turtle didn't even have a chance. They caught it through the head, but didn't manage to actually KILL it with the hoook.

I'm not naive. I'm well aware that, for food, something has to die. That's just the way it works. Whether it's a plant or an animal, circle of life goes one way. Birth. Death. I get it. I just don't necessarily agree with it.

I feel like such a wuss, sitting here with all of them. They're all watching it, and they're okay; but I'm having to stop myself from crying here. Mostly because of the turtles. The poor things...

I mean, I now it's their thing, and I don't fault them for it at all. They enjoy it, and that's fine. I just.... I can't do it. At all.

Nope. Not happening. No thanks. Like I just explained to them. It's the thought of hurting and killing something. I just can't do it. I'm a healer not a hunter.


Soooo.... what else? What else? Hmmm.... Not much, really.

Still haven't found a new job, but I'm - obviously - going to keep looking. Wish me luck, right?

Didn't do anything for Imbolc after all. Nothing official, anyway. I was feeling a little down, though, so I lit up some candles and used them as my only light while I took a long, hot, relaxing shower. It was awesome. I wasn't really thinking about the day, though. It wasn't until ... about 5 minutes ago that I even put two and two together.


Oh, also, I've got an audition for one of the local Burlesque troops here on the 13th. I'm really excited! I have a concept, and the music (which I still have to put on a tape/CD), and an idea for the costume. Now I just have to put it all together.... in a little over a week.... Le` Sigh.

Again, Wish me Luck.

In the meantime, I'll just do as I do. One Day At A Time.

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