Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 83: Part two. Cause I can.

So, I had a good day at work today. Got caught running a little behind, but was right there with my boss, so it was okay. Did pretty well. Which, I'm ecstatic about since we've been so slow lately.

But enough about that! It's time for the awesome!!!!

So, I got a corset from my Santa, and it was a-MAY-zing!!! I absolutely love it. I looked so smokin' hot. Just saying.

Also, I saw this clip from the Ellen Degeneres show that made me just die laughing. I could hardly breathe, watching this. Ellen's Thoughts on 'The Virgin Diaries' - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Really. Highlight of my day. Sadly. 

.... Okay. I'm bored now. Monkey needs to hurry up and get off work; I'm craving hang-out time with the guys. ^.^

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